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Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve – Collaborating for Better Customer Experience


Perfect customer experience can be ruined by a lack of collaboration between the different departments that make up an organisation.

To provide a high level of customer experience across departments, each department should be empowered with the necessary data and tools specific to making their job easier and more efficient. By providing teams with cross-department data and tools specific to their function, organisations create a better experience throughout the Customer Journey and achieve better ROI on software investment overall.

Strengthening Sales & Support

Due to to the time and attention reps spend building relationships with customers and the many emails, phone calls and visits required to close sales. Reps generally have a better understanding of customers requirements and the specific details of products or services they use in comparison to support/service staff.

During support enquiries, customers expect the same personalised experience and high level of service they receive during the sales process.

Once a rep has built a strong relationship with a customer, the customer can often feel betrayed if support/aftercare are unable to provide the same level of experience.

A positive support experience builds trust and strengthens the relationship with the customer whereas bad support can leave customers feeling like they only receive a good experience during the sales process.

To avoid this issue, it is vital to ensure support staff have the necessary data and software they require to deliver on sales reps promises. This means being able to organise, prioritise and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Resulting in long-lasting customer relationships while ensuring reps are undisrupted and focused on selling.


Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve

In a bid to provide specific functionality to empower support staff and strengthen the communication between sales and support teams, Sugar introduced Sugar Serve as part of ‘The New Sugar’ (as a separate licensing option in 2019.) With Sugar Sell (Sugar’s cloud-based CRM) and Sugar Market (Sugar’s All-in-one Marketing Automation Solution) completing the trio.

Click here to learn more about ‘The New Sugar’.

Sugar Sell licenses harness advanced opportunity management features such as ()  With Sugar Serve licenses, this functionality is replaced with advanced Service Management functionality such as the Self Service Portal and Intelligent Case Rerouting.

Sugar Sell – The award-winning sales automation solution renowned for its intuitive user interface, extensibility, and customer satisfaction.

Sugar Sell Key Features

  • Optimised for Sales professionals
  • Advanced Reporting and Customisable Dashboards
  • SugarBPM Advanced Workflows
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • 360-degree Customer View
  • Easy Access to Product Catalogues
  • Intuitive UI

Sugar Serve – Sugar’s new customer engagement centre solution designed to streamline case management and issue resolution.

Sugar Serve Key Features

  • Optimised for Support/Customer Service professionals
  • Advanced Reporting and Customisable Dashboards
  • Time-aware Case Tracking
  • Case Prioritisation
  • 360-degree Customer View
  • Intelligent Case Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intuitive UI

Both licensing options are built on Sugar’s core CRM user interface, function the same in many ways and integrate seamlessly as a result. Leveraging Sell and Serve licenses results in a constant flow of Data and Insights between Sales and Support teams. Resulting in a complete customer view and stronger customer relationships overall.

As a vendor, Sugar pays close attention to customers requirements with a strong focus on innovation across the platform. Sugar regularly release innovative features independent to Market, Sell and Serve which increases Sugar’s ability to future proof each solution.

Other CRM’s on the market require heavy configuration to deliver a solution optimised for support cases like Sugar Serve, Sugar provides Serve as an out of the box licensing option with reduced pricing for users who require access to both Sell and Serve license types.

Concluding Thoughts

Leveraging Sugar Sell and sugar Serve licenses across your Sales & Support departments helps organisations create better Customer Experience and deliver better ROI on software investment.

Combining Sell and Serve licenses makes it easier than ever to create a bidirectional stream of data between Sales and Support without disrupting each department’s main focus. Allowing reps to focus on selling while empowering support staff with advanced features optimised for case handling results in a high level of customer experience throughout the customer journey. Ultimately resulting in satisfied customers and long-lasting customer relationships.

Key benefits

  • Bidirectional Data Streaming between Sales & Support
  • Advanced Insights across departments
  • Faster Support Case resolutions
  • Licence types specific to each department
  • Seamless Integration
  • Reduced pricing for combined licenses
  • Continuous Innovation across the platform

If you would like to take a closer look at Sugar Sell or Sugar Serve please get in contact with one of our SugarCRM Consultants by clicking the link below to arrange a free screen-share demonstration.

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Transitioning from Sugar’s Campaigns Module to Sugar Market: Making the Switch


Transitioning from Sugar’s Campaigns Module to Sugar Market: Making the Switch

The Campaigns module in SugarCRM was first released 9 years ago and has served its purpose as a tool to send mass email campaigns directly from the CRM. But for a while, it’s been shadowed by the immense power and ease-of-use of purpose-built Marketing Automation tools on the market.

SugarCRM has leapfrogged ahead of most of the competition by acquiring Salesfusion in 2019. Many months of development has rendered an industry leader in Marketing Automation, and now we see it in its current form: Sugar Market.

SugarCRM Sugar Market Marketing Automation Software

Everything in One Location

As an All-in-one Marketing Automation solution, developed for B2B Marketing. Sugar Market provides all the functionality B2B marketers require to execute, manage and report on the full spectrum of Marketing Activity. This means managing everything in one central location from Contact Forms to Nurture Campaigns, Evens and Landing Pages.

Switching between a stack of different tools with different interfaces and settings can quickly become complicated to manage. Managing various tools and strategies within one platform gives Marketers more time to focus on crafting killer campaigns!

  • Contact Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Event Management (Physical & Web Events)
  • Social Media Post Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Nurture & Drip Campaigns

What Impact will Implementing Sugar Market have on our Organisation?

Managing everything in one tool makes it easier than ever to leverage advanced Marketing Automation features such as Web Tracking, Event Management, seamless Integration between Marketing and Sales while providing the ability to view the complete lead journey.

Below we have listed some of the typical benefits Sugar users see when implementing Sugar Market, particularly when transitioning from sending Mass Emails in the Campaigns Module.

Native Integration with SugarCRM

Sugar Markets deep integration with SugarCRM gives both sales reps and marketers access to detailed contact information at the touch of a button. Reps are provided with an Iframe of Marketing related lead information inside the CRM such as Lead Scores, Web Tracking History and more. Marketers are provided with a stream of information from the CRM such as when a contact changes Job Title or when an Opportunity is closed-won.

Synchronising this data between Sales and Marketing promotes collaboration and empowers reps to make more informed decisions about which deals and leads they should be spending the most time on and order of priority. While also helping marketers deliver more qualified and valuable leads to sales reps.


Give CRM Users Access to Branded Emails

Sending basic emails with the Campaigns Module can be done, but is not ideal for modern organisations who require quick access to emails, lists and campaigns. Sugar Market allows you to create branded email templates that reps can access in the CRM. This means CRM Users can easily send marketing-related emails to contacts in line with your company messaging, style and branding.

During configuration, we configure your sender and reply to emails allowing marketers to design your templates while ensuring they are delivered by the specific CRM Users email address. 

Track Leads and Contacts

With Sugar Market, you can track leads as they navigate through your landing pages and campaigns for a better understanding of their interests and intent. Anonymous leads are tracked by their IP address. This means you have a full overview of your leads footsteps prior to them providing you with their information.

As soon as a Lead gives you an email you can report on a historical perspective of their activity and understand what led them to get in contact with you in the first place.

If you are not tracking Leads you are missing out on a journey of information relating to your leads interests. By tracking leads from their first point of contact to closed-won opportunity, you’ll have a better understanding of your campaign performance and sales/marketing process in general.

Why have Sales received this Lead?

One of the most common questions sales reps ask is “Why have I received this Lead?”. Delivering this information to reps at scale can quickly become time-consuming and challenging for Marketers. Lead scoring with Sugar Market allows you to create detailed Scoring Profiles based on the value of a lead, for example, a lead that has clicked on a link in an email or visited a landing page can be automatically assigned a score accordingly showing they have performed a particular action of value.

This gives reps a full overview of why a Lead is considered qualified by Marketing – allowing reps to make more informed decisions. While strengthening the relationship between Marketing and Sales by providing a constant stream of information in real-time between the two functions.

Concluding Thoughts

Many of our customers are seeing the value in Sugar Market and have decided to make the switch from sending mass emails using the Campaigns Module to leveraging a fully-fledged Marketing Automation solution.

There are tonnes of features your organisation could be leveraging and vital information both Sales and Marketing teams could have access to making their jobs easier and helping them reach targets quicker.

For a closer look at Sugar Market click the link below to schedule a free Demo!

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SugarCRM Version 10 (Q2 2020) Update – User Interface Review

SugarCRM Version 10 (Q2 2020) has just been released!

In this post, we explore the changes users can expect in the SugarCRM Version 10 (Q2 2020) Update.

Sugars Version 10 update applies to Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve Users. If you are hosted with Sugar you will receive this update within the next week, if you are hosted on-site or with a partner you will be receiving this update shortly too.

Due to the large volume of SugarCRM Support tickets from our customers regarding the new layout (and how to fix a few things) we’ve created this short video explaining the new User Interface changes and how to configure them.

There is one particular change to Sugars UI you may want to revert from.

Watch our video below to find out how or follow the step by step instructions in this post.

SugarCRM Version 10 User Interface Changes

Let’s take a look at the Record View in Sugar which is where you will notice the biggest changes to the User Interface.

Side by side Field Name Placement

What we see now is the field label and value displayed side by side whereas, in previous versions of Sugar, field names were displayed above the field.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement

This is Sugar’s attempt to consolidate the view and make it easier for you to read and display a certain number of fields on your layout.

One downside to the side by side field name view is any field names that exceed the character limit will be cut short to fit on the row. This means field names may not be displayed correctly on your current layout.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Example
If you are not content with the way field names are displayed with the new side by side view. Or if it has affected the way your layout is displayed in Sugar, you can revert to your original settings by following the steps below.

How to Change Field Name Placement in SugarCRM

Step 1

Navigate to your User Profile in Sugar at the top right of your screen.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Step 1

Step 2

Click ‘Edit’ to make changes to your User Preferences.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Step 2

Once in ‘Edit’ mode select the ‘Advanced’ tab.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Step 2.5

Step 3

Select your desired field name placement to change how field names are displayed in your layout.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Step 3

Step 4

Navigate to a record in Sugar and you will notice field names are now positioned ‘Above Field Value’.

SugarCMR User Interface - Side by side Field Name Placement Step 4

New Pill View for Empty Field Values

To make it easier for you to identify empty field values as you navigate through SugarCRM. Sugar has introduced a new ‘Pill View’ to the User Interface.

Sugar CRM - New Pill View for Empty Field ValuesThe Pill View provides you with a clearer view of fields that do not contain values.

Filler Field Alignment

In a bid to condense the User Interface layout. Sugar has introduced a new feature that automatically realigns ‘Filler Fields’ on your layout. This is to help users create a more condensed layout at Record View.

If you were previously using filler fields to structure rows in your layout, you’ll want to know how to restructure your layout for the alignment you require.

SugarCRM - Filler Field Alignment example

(Example of ‘Filler Fields’ displayed in the new UI – (Left) Design View / (Right) Record View)

To change the layout and expand a field to cover the entire row, head to ‘Studio’ to edit the ‘Record View Layout’.

SugarCRM - Filler Field Alignment example 2

To ensure the ‘Account Name’ field remains on the row below the ‘Website’ field. Click the red ‘+‘ sign to expand the ‘Website’ field making it fill the row then save and deploy your changes.

SugarCRM - Filler Field Alignment example 4

SugarCRM - Filler Field Alignment example 3
SugarCRM - Filler Field Alignment example 5

Now, the ‘Website’ field is displayed on its own row and the ‘Account Name’ and ‘Business Centre’ fields are displayed on a separate row below.

Preview View Layout

Another handy update to the UI in Sugar’s Version 10 release is the ability to edit the ‘Preview View’ layout.

In previous Sugar versions, the Preview View displayed the same layout as the Record View. Users can now edit the Preview View to display a different layout.

SugarCRM Preview View Layout - example 1

To make changes to the Preview View layout in Sugar, open ‘Studio’, choose the module you want to edit, select ‘Layouts’ and ‘Preview View’ from the Layouts dropdown.

SugarCRM Preview View Layout - How to make changes

Now you can change the display in the preview by rearranging fields to create your desired layout.

SugarCRM Preview View Layout - How to make changes 2

Tile View added to the Leads Module

The final change to Sugars UI in Version 10 is the addition of the Tile View in the Leads module. The Tile View allows you to ‘drag and drop’ records as they progress through stages. For example, progressing a Lead Record from a status of ‘New Lead’ > ‘Assigned to User’.

SugarCRM Tile View

To amend the Tile View click on your User Profile, go to ‘Admin’ and select ‘Tile View Settings’

SugarCRM Tile View SettingsThis is where you can select which modules have Tile View enabled, make changes to the Table Header, hide field values, amend the Operation Header and select how rows are displayed on the view.

SugarCRM Tile View Settings 3SugarCRM Tile View Settings 2







SugarCRM Version 10 Update Concluding Thoughts

We hope you found this post useful. In this version update, there are some great additions to Sugar’s User Interface that make navigating through Sugar and configuring your layouts to support your daily tasks even easier. Follow the steps in our video or instructions in this post to make changes to your layout.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and we will be more than happy to help you!

For the full list of updates included in Sugar’s Version 10 (Q2 2020) Release, read our post below!

SugarCRM Version 10.0.0 (Q2 2020) Release Notes

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SugarCRM Version 10.0.0 (Q2 2020) Release Notes

Sugar 10.0.0 is available for both SugarCloud (Sugar-hosted SaaS) and On-Site deployments (see: annual release model)

This release addresses issues identified in prior releases. Please review the 10.0.0 release notes using the following links to learn more about the variety of fixes included in this release:

Customers who are upgrading to 10.0.0 (Q2 2020) from 9.3 (Winter ’20) should refer to the following sections:

For information about this release’s changes to existing functionality, please refer to the What to Expect When Upgrading to 10.0 article.

If you require any further information regarding upgrading to Version 10.0.0 please click the link below to get in contact with us!

Request Upgrade Assistance

Sugar Integrate – SugarCRM’s New Integration Platform (Video Overview)

Launch Integrations Quicker

Sugar Integrate gives you the ability to develop integrations quickly and cost-effectively with pre-built adapters to over 200 business systems, advanced builder tools, and reusable integration components. Every integration becomes a reusable artifact to speed the development of future integrations.

Think Forward

Business and technology are constantly evolving, sometimes requiring companies to replace key business systems in order to address new requirements or take advantage of the latest technologies. The Sugar Integrate solution normalizes the thousands of unique endpoints and data models to future-proof your Sugar investment, allowing you to switch business applications without having to re-integrate them with Sugar.

Take the pain out of maintaining integrations. With Sugar Integrate, your integrations are insulated from changes to Sugar’s and other systems’ APIs and data schemas.

Easier Migration to SugarCRM

Looking to migrate from another vendor’s CX product to Sugar? Sugar Integrate can make getting your old data into Sugar easy and painless with these amazing features:

  • Adapters – An Adapter is a pre-built API connection resource to a cloud or on-premise application that normalizes and enhances the native endpoint. Adapters provide a standardized access and data specification including normalized APIs, authentication, model schemas, paging, bulk API’s, and event management.
  • Adapter Builder – Users can quickly customize existing Adapters or build new ones using Adapter Builder, which enables users to easily adapt the specifications of the native API endpoint to their needs.
  • Common Resources – Provides a normalized view of data objects (such as “accounts” or “orders”), data mappings and transformations. This single normalized data model effectively eliminates the need for pointto-point mapping of data, saving you the effort and insulating integrations from changes to the endpoint API or data schema.
  • Pre-Built Templates – Sugar Integrate includes pre-built templates that support key business processes, allowing customers to leverage best practices and be up and running in a shorter time period.
  • Procedures – Build reusable and powerful event-based workflows. Users can set automated or manual triggers, orchestrate multiple API calls and data transformations that incorporate business logic, and create reusable resources (templates) and API-accessible Adapter-as-a-Resource within Adapters.
  • Data Loader – Sugar Integrate provides a migration tool that enables organizations to migrate easily from other CX products to Sugar, providing bulk data transfer capabilities, even for systems that do not natively support bulk transfer.

If you require any further information regarding Sugar Integrate please click here to get in contact with us!

Free Download: 5 Red Flags the Signal It’s Time to Switch Your CRM

Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Video Overview)

Watch the video below for an overview of the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced Lead Generation feature of LinkedIn.

Organisations use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with Leads that match their exact target demographic. For example, you can build a List of ‘Sales Managers; in the Construction Industry; in the East of England’.

Leveraging data from LinkedIns network of 575+ professionals, such as Job Title, Geo Location and Industry. LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easier than ever to build Dynamic Lead Lists.

Key Features

  • Build Dynamic Lead Lists
  • Discover Leads in your target demographic with ease
  • Get Lead Recommendations
  • Find commonalities between Connections
  • Leverage Icebreaker Introductions

What benefits does Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator provide?

Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives Sugar Users access to Contacts, Account and Leads’s LinkedIn Profile information and Sales Navigator features directly within SugarCRM.

The plugin can be enabled as a Dashboard in the Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities Modules and Users can configure which modules the dashboard appears in, in their SugarCRM settings.

Key Features

Accessing the plugin from the Accounts Module provides Sugar Users with the following features:

Recommended Leads – Get recommendations for Leads that match the criteria you set in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

News / LinkedIn posts relating to Accounts – Access News and LinkedIn Posts relating to Accounts in Sugar.

Match Contacts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Discover more about customers by empowering Sugar Users with Contacts LinkedIn Business Card Information. 

Accessing the plugin from the Contacts Module provides Sugar Users with the following features:

Ice Breakers – Shared Connections and commonalities between Contacts. For example, ‘have previously worked for the same organisation’.

Get Introduced – Create warm introductions to Leads by leveraging relationships you have with Contacts and Accounts in Sugar.

Related Leads – Discover Contacts at Accounts by leveraging Organisations LinkedIn Employee Information.

How to get started

Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is easy to setup and start using. The plugin doesn’t rely on any complicated configuration and setup is typically complete within a few hours. This plugin has become increasingly popular as more and more organisations leverage LinkedIn’s Professional Network as part of their Lead Generation initiatives.

Interested in the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

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What Makes Sugar Different? – Key Differentiating Factors

More Than Basic Contact Management

“If all CRM’s provide basic Contact Management functionality, what makes SugarCRM different?

Traditionally CRM solutions were used for managing contact information, communications history and information relating to Sales Orders or Quotes as Contacts and Leads progress through the pipeline.

Basic Contact Management functionality is provided by a range of CRM’s and is mainly to ensure sales reps provide smooth customer handovers and if changes are made within your organisation, staff have the ability to provide the same level of customer service.

Another traditional principle of CRM is to ensure management have a precise overview of Key Performance Indicators.

Forward-thinking organisations that want to leverage features such as Advanced Reporting, Continuous Innovation and Timely Integration require a solution like SugarCRM that far extends traditional CRM functionality.

Time to Understand Your Data

The first factor that separates Sugar from other CRM’s is Time-Aware Data Management.

Traditionally CRM’s are very good at letting you know the status of things as they are happening now. The problem is – CRM’s are not very good at telling you how that data is changing over time. A complete historical understanding of 

data is vital for clarity in what effects your business performance and customer experiences.

How can it benefit your organisation?

Sugars concept of ‘Time-Aware Data Management’ is focused on Advanced Analytics and Reporting functionality that is simply not provided in other CRM’s. Analysing historical trends in data often comes with a hefty price tag for organisations using other CRM’s. Sugar provides this functionality out of the box as standard.

Time-Aware Data Management is not just a standalone feature. The concept is deep rooted in Sugars ethos as a vendor. As a result, Sugar Users constantly receive new feature enhancements to support this initiative. 

One way Sugar delivers this functionality is through Sugar Discover. Sugars advanced analytics tool. Sugar Discover allows organisations to leverage advanced analytics out of the box with pre-built logic that delivers Key Performance Indicators automatically.

Click here for a closer look at Sugar Discover

Continuous Innovation

For modern organisations, business innovation is crucial. The speed of innovation provided by your CRM vendor is a direct correlation to your ability to deliver innovation to your customers.

Organisations need a vendor like Sugar that listens to customers and takes pride in continuing to develop the solution to support future innovation.

How can it benefit your organisation?

Sugar’s strong partnership with Amazon Web Services aids in their ability to quickly implement new features and functionality. Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) world leading infrastructure and data security levels. Sugar have the ability to respond to innovation and implement new initiatives into the platform in real-time.

As a result Sugar release quarterly updates, plugins and enhancements to support organisations current and future business strategies. One great example of Sugars commitment to Continuous Cloud Innovation is Sugar Integrate.

Ease of Integration

Last but definitely not least is Integration. A vital component to your infrastructure is ensuring everything works in unison. This helps ensure your users are able to carry out tasks without navigating between different software while keeping your data up to date and accurate across all systems.

Sugar connects to tools like G-mail and Microsoft Outlook with ease. Making connecting and recording customer communications a breeze. With pre-built plugins like Sugars Outlook Plugin. Allowing you to connect your email in minutes, the power is at your fingertips with how you arm your workforce! 

To further add. Sugar Integrate – Sugars New Integration Platform (IPAAS) allows for deep integration between Sugar and third party tools like no other CRM on the market today!

Sugar Integrate allows Sugar Users to leverage over 200 pre-built connectors, allowing for timely execution of new Integrations. This means Sugar Users don’t rely on lengthy configuration to implement new integrations. With other CRM’s, this relies on building new connectors and bespoke configurations for each and every application. This tends to result in projects being called off, or huge costs if the integration is possible!

Sugar Users can leverage Sugar Integrate to execute vital Integration projects quicker, more cost effective and easier than ever!

With other CRM’s this ease of Integration, allowing you to deliver innovation at speed, is simply not possible! You don’t want to be stuck with a CRM that makes it difficult to introduce other tools into your business. You need a CRM like Sugar that gives you the flexibility to explore ideas and centralise everything without weeks of configuration!

Learn more about Sugar Integrate

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you have a clearer understanding of what makes Sugar stand out from the crowd.

It is a huge myth that all CRM’s offer the same functionality. This could simply not be further from the truth. Organisations using SugarCRM have a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industries. We see this directly with the organisations we support.

Sugar provided Advanced Analytics, Continuous Innovation and Lightning Quick Integration – out of the box, like no other CRM on the market today. That’s 3 important reasons you should take a close look at SugarCRM and there are tonnes more!

Schedule Your FREE SugarCRM Demo Today!

If you are struggling with CRM that doesn’t meet your exceptions and business initiatives – Download our white paper below for 5 ‘Red Flags that signal it’s time to switch CRM!’

Free Download: 5 Red Flags the Signal It’s Time to Switch Your CRM

SugarCRM Quick Start Packages

Our SugarCRM Quick Start Packages are perfect for organisations that require effective CRM but do not have weeks of free time to spend on configuration and setup.

Equally, organisations already using SugarCRM who now require access for other department and business functions will benefit from the quick deployment, highly effective SugarCRM remote training sessions and on-going SugarCRM Support provided.

Quick Deployment

We ensure that our customers are up and running in a matter of days, not months. This ensures that you start to realise your ROI of SugarCRM straight away.

Cut Costs

These packages have been designed to suit businesses with smaller CRM budgets while benefitting from having experienced SugarCRM specialists on-site to guide you through the process, build your system and train your team.

What do SugarCMR Quick Start Packages Include?

Requirements Gathering & Design

Having implemented over 250 SugarCRM Projects, we know the right questions to ask and consider your business pain points and goals to influence the design of your SugarCRM. During this day we define the processes according to your business model, define custom fields and screen layout definitions, and plan any data import.

System Build

Using the developer tools inside Sugar (such as Studio, Module Builder, Advanced Workflow) we will configure your system together to build any custom fields, module layouts, configure Sugar Mobile, define any Advanced Workflow processes and import your data. While performing these tasks, your ‘Sugar Super User’ will be getting on-hand administrator training.

User Training

Training is one of the most important elements of any CRM implementation. It’s key to ensure all users of the system have a competent level of understanding. Our training is not only functional, we train users on how to get the most out of Sugar to encourage a high user adoption.

Why choose Sugabyte?

Sugabyte is one of the UK’s leading implementation partners for SugarCRM. Sugabyte has implemented over 250 successful SugarCRM projects in Europe. We eat, sleep and breathe Sugar, and we’re passionate about it too.

For further information regarding our SugarCRM Quick Start Packages, please visit the link below!

Learn more about SugarCRM Quick Start Packages

SugarCRM Remote Workforce: How to Maintain Productivity

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the business world in almost every industry. Organisations worldwide have had no choice but to send their staff home to work. This has caused massive disruption for many businesses and their clients alike. As well as an influx of workforces facing difficulty in maintaining their usual levels of service and productivity.

Staff are not able to drop into the office after meetings to deliver updates, Sales reps can no longer spin their chair towards the Accounts department for an update on customer status and the list goes on…

A remote workforce armed with an effective CRM with effective training on how best to use it during this unsettled period – is crucial to how organisations maintain productivity during the current turmoil.

To put it bluntly. Organisations with an effective CRM like SugarCRM have a far better chance of maintaining productivity levels, continuing to provide exceptional customer experience and success in managing their workforce remotely.

With that being said, in this post we have laid out solutions to the 5 main issues we are seeing organisations face at the moment and how best to resolve these issues and maintain productivity working remotely with SugarCRM.


1 – Users with a Lack of Access to Information

The first challenge organisations face adjusting to a remote workforce is staff with a lack of access to information.

This could be customer information, accurate customer communications, documentation relating to a task or any other information vital to maintaining productivity.

Staff with limited access to the information they require will create a drop in productivity for your remote workforce – by causing staff to waste valuable time making phone calls or emails to obtain information that should be readily available at the touch of a button.

This can cause staff morale levels to drop. Leaving staff feeling less-capable and less-empowered to carry out their daily tasks. Working from home is enough to disrupt valuable members of staff, let alone trying to maintain high levels of productivity with a lack of information!


Provide everyone who needs it with a SugarCRM User Account

To avoid issues caused by remote staff having limited access to the information they require, provide each and every member of staff who requires so, with a SugarCRM User Account armed with the information they need.

This way, your workforce continues to centralise all customer information and communications for easy access and successful handoffs and any users who would benefit from accessing information in your CRM are able to do so moving forward.

Users who were not previously required to access your SugarCRM, will benefit greatly if they are provided with access to the information they require quickly.

For example, your Accounts Staff may not have required access to your CRM while working in the office. However, with their new remote working arrangement, accessing information in SugarCRM may now be extremely useful.

Providing all members of staff with a SugarCRM User Account is the first step to resolving any potential issues caused by a lack of accurate information.

How can this help?

  • Users can access the information they require as soon as they need it
  • Maintain staff productivity levels
  • Maintain high levels of staff morale
  • Avoid sloppy hand-off’s
  • Avoid bad customer experience
  • Maintain accurate reporting
  • Ensure system is kept up to date

2 – Managing User Roles & Permissions

Now that everyone in your remote workforce is setup with a SugarCRM Account and has access to the information they require when they need it. The next step is to successfully Manage User Roles & Permissions. This means a SugarCRM Admin User managing ‘Who can do what’ with the data in your system.

There are many benefits to managing User Roles and Permissions in your SugarCRM.

One benefit is the ability to safeguard sensitive information from Users who may not need to access it.

Although they may not need to access the specific information they may still benefit from access to other information in the CRM. This is where filtering ‘Who can do what’ with your data is vital.

Below we have listed some useful SugarCRM User Roles and Permissions tutorials and posts to help you along the way.

Using SugarCRM Team Based Permissions

What is a Sugar Team?

How can this help?

  • Decide ‘who can do what’ with your data
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Allow users access to the information they require
  • Avoid mistakes in the CRM
  • Create Team Based Roles & Permissions 
  • Easily Assign Users to Teams

If you require any assistance with Managing User Roles and Permissions in your SugarCRM please click here to get in contact with us.

3 – Synchronise Marketing & Sales

Now that your team is setup with SugarCRM User Accounts and you are successfully Managing User Roles & Permissions.

The next step is to ensure close collaboration between departments continues.

With Sales and Communications slowing down due to the current economic uncertainty Customer Insights are paramount. Organisations need to understand how their clients, stakeholders, suppliers etc – are changing as they too adjust to rapid change in operations.

With so many organisations facing change it is important that your Staff and Data remain up to date, current and accurate.

Synchronising Marketing and Sales will help tremendously during this period.

SugarCRM’s direct Synchronisation with Sugar Market ensures that any Title Changes, Customer Interactions, Lead Qualifying Activities and more, are pushed back and fourth between your Marketing and Sales Departments.

This Ensures your Data remains as accurate as possible while also ensuring your different departments are kept up to date with any changes in your data.

Watch our video below for some of the benefits of Synchronising Sugar Market & SugarCRM

How can this help?

  • In-depth CRM Sync Dashboard
  • Share lead information between teams
  • Align marketing and sales effortlessly
  • Track potential customer errors or issues
  • Complete and current prospect/lead data

For organisations who want to ensure Sales receive the most Accurate Customer Data and Qualified Leads – organisations leveraging SugarCRM should implement a successful Marketing Automation Solution like Sugar Market and take full advantage of its high-level CRM Synchronisation capabilities.

Schedule Sugar Market Demo

4 – Empower Staff to go Mobile

Now that staff are unable to pop in to the office to deliver or collect customer updates or customer documentation, it is vital that they still have access to the tools and information they require to carry out their work successfully.

This means, being able to access customer information, customer communications and any other information which may be useful to maintain productivity and a high level of customer experience while the office lights are off.

In order to achieve this, organisations leveraging SugarCRM should arm field Staff with the Sugar Mobile App – especially during this period of social distancing.

The Sugar Mobile App offers massive benefits to staff who need to access and update information out of the office or while on the road, with or without an internet connection! 

Sugar Mobile is optimised for all Mobile Devices, Android, IOS and tablets and allows SugarCRM Users to access Customer Communications, Customer Contact Details, Quotes, any Supporting Documents and more.

We have listed some useful posts below for you to explore Sugar Mobiles features further.

Sugar Mobile – Comment Logs

Sugar Mobile – How to Log a Call

How can this help?

  • Give staff access to key customer information when they need it
  • Easily specify the Data and Actions Sugar Mobile Users have access to
  • Allow users to update information on the road
  • Empower field staff to provide successful customer hand-off’s
  • Easy to use Intuitive User Interface
  • Available on Android, IOS & tablets

For a closer look at Sugar Mobile please click here to get in contact with us, we will be more than happy to walk you through any features in more detail!

5 – Ensure Remote Staff are up to Speed

Last, but definitely not least, it is vital that your staff know how to use SugarCRM and are comfortable carrying out their daily tasks individually more than ever during this period.

In the office, staff were able to call over to fellow colleagues if they were ever experiencing any knowledge based issues with SugarCRM. Working from home means your less tech-savvy users may experience difficulty navigating their way around Sugar resulting in far more time spent on tasks than necessary.

To add to this – organisations are having to delegate tasks to different members of staff than would usually be fulfilling them.

For example – tasking Account Managers with producing accurate daily reports. This can cause staff morale to drop massively. Causing staff to become demotivated faced with completing tasks they have little or no training on.

In order to avoid this, organisations must offer their staff adequate SugarCRM Training. This will ensure your staff and colleagues are comfortable and know how best to complete their daily tasks working remotely.

We are offering all our customers reduced pricing during this period for any users who require SugarCRM Remote Training Sessions. Our Remote Training sessions are as effective as our on-site training sessions and many of our customers leverage our sessions regularly to keep their users up to speed.

How can this help?

  • Ensure Users remain productive
  • Give Users the training they require to complete newly assigned tasks
  • Boost User adoption rates
  • Bring new members of staff up to speed
  • Empower Users to save time completing tasks in Sugar
  • Maintain staff morale

We need Remote SugarCRM Training!

Concluding Thoughts

During this period of time, organisations with a successful CRM like Sugar are more likely to maintain productivity with a Remote Workforce. 

With organisations effected by change around the world now is the time to leverage such a feature-full Customer Experience Solution and the data stored within it.

It is also vital that during this period your staff are armed with the tools they need and the training they require to ensure they remain productive working remotely.

We will be more than happy to set up a Remote Screen-share Session to walk you through any SugarCRM or Sugar Market features we have covered in this post.

You don’t even need to leave your office house!

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Sugabyte – A Message to Our Customers

We Understand

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic the world is facing we understand the difficulty in suddenly transitioning your organisation to a remote working setup and the challenges many of our customers are currently facing.

We appreciate and empathise with how these changes have effected the business world in almost every industry and want to offer our extended SugarCRM support and guidance to any of our valued customers who may need it during this period.

Should you be experiencing difficulty with configuring a successful remote working configuration for your Sugar users, please get in touch on our details below and we will be more than happy to help you!

Are we still available for Support?

Our SugarCRM Developers, Consultants and Technical Support Engineers are all following the current UK social distancing guidelines and working remotely.

With that being said, we are still available to offer our SugarCRM Support and SugarCRM Consultation services to our customers during this period and you can expect the usual high level of support service from our team.

If you require general SugarCRM Support, support ensuring your workflows are configured correctly while your users operate remotely or perhaps would like to discuss integrating your Sugar with Gmail/Outlook or any other important software your users may now be tasked with utilising – we are on hand, and here to support you as usual during this period – so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Should you require SugarCRM Support please get in contact on the details below!

Our support team operates between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.

Email: [email protected]

UK Telephone: +44 (0)1733 609 100

New SugarCRM User Accounts

With the disruption caused by the the COVID-19 pandemic, one way organisations are adapting to the change is by providing staff who previously would not have had access to the CRM, with their own User Accounts.

This helps ensure successful hand-off’s are maintained and your customers continue to receive the same high level of customer experience they expect from you during any other period!

This of course means, your new Sugar Users will benefit greatly from our SugarCRM Training to get them up to speed with how best to use your system.

So, how can you provide your Users with adequate SugarCRM Training while sticking to the current social distancing guidelines? Our SugarCRM Remote Training sessions are the solution…

For any assistance setting up new Sugar Users, please contact us on the details below!

Enquire about setting up new SugarCRM users

Discounted SugarCRM Remote Training Sessions

With most of the world working from home following the resent social distancing guidelines we are offering reduced pricing for SugarCRM Remote Training Sessions for any of our customers facing difficulty during this period.

We can provide users with highly effective SugarCRM Remote Screen-share Training Sessions to bring them up to speed with Sugar and ensure they are empowered with the ‘technical know-how’ to maintain high productivity levels.

We adapt these sessions to focus solely on your current business processes and the most important use cases your organisation is facing during this period.

For example, bringing specific users up to speed with best practices for Advanced Reporting in SugarCRM – if this is currently a task of of high importance to your organisation. 

By providing your Sugar Users with Remote Training Sessions, your organisation stands a far better chance at ensuring the data and information stored in your SugarCRM is accurate, updated and unaffected by the troubles the business world is currently facing!

Enquire about SugarCRM Remote Training

Concluding Thoughts

We wish all our valued customers as little disruption possible during this period and hope your families, loved ones and colleagues all remain safe and healthy! 

As mentioned we are still available to offer our full SugarCRM Support and Remote Training Sessions for users during this period.

If there is anything we can do to assist your organisation during this period please do get in contact and we will be more than happy to help you!

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