Sugar Discover

A time-aware approach to revenue analytics

Predictive Insights - Zero Effort

Leverage the Power of Time


Sugar Discover provides advanced customer analytics like no other CRM plugin. Making it extremely fast and simple to draw insights from your data in Sugar. Identify and analyse key performance indicators and analytics instantly. Gain a historical view of trends effecting your business and better understand the future of your organisation with time-aware data analysis.

• Improved agility and speed of business
• Better business outcomes from more data-driven decisions
• Discover Key Decision Makers Easier than Ever Before
• Less money and time to get the sales process information you require
• More predictable revenue resulting from:
- Faster identification and resolution of funnel problems and their root causes


Out of the box Sugar Discover provides the most commonly used KPI's meaning there's no need for high level data centre configurations, complicated tools or a team of data scientists.



Sugar Discover exceeds standard reporting by providing a historical perspective of your business - use your data to understand every point in time. Leverage past performance and make accurate predictions about the future of your business.



Traditional reporting is only helpful if users are actually reading the reports. Discover takes a proactive approach, tracking sales performance metrics in real-time and alerting users when it detects issues and opportunities.



Discover makes these alerts actionable by providing Discovery Insights—relevant factors that are impacting sales performance. With Discovery Insights, you’ll be able to quickly identify root causes and take action.


Leverage Advanced Analytics in SugarCRM

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Client Comments

We recently installed SugarCRM for our US, UK and European sales divisions.The configuration sessions, user training and subsequent technical support has been exceptional. In a short period time, the data generated by this system is changing the way we focus our resources and marketing activities.

Christopher Fielding


What a great experience, Sugabyte turned what looked like a CRM implementation nightmare into a dream! I've worked with most of the top CRM systems, but never had this level of confidence that the solution does exactly what I want - and my sales team love it! Thanks James!

Sally Murdoch

Head of Marketing

We happily trust Sugabyte when it comes to development, implementation and the support of our CRM system. Sugabyte actively consult with us to improve our ideas, making sure they are supported by the logic in the system as well as foreseeing any conflicts or issues. The provided customisations are logical, stable and brilliant!

Fredrik Hugosson

CRM Manager

This is absolutely excellent! My compliments to Sugabyte as this development is exactly what I had been after – it is a big relief that it is actually possible to implement this on Sugar. You can probably tell I’m happy about this – literally, your team are genius.

Thorl Dicker

CRM Administrator

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