SugarCRM Consultancy

A crucial part of your SugarCRM project is
consulting over the solution design, technical requirements and
customer journey mapping.

Our Success Strategy

Business Functions

Our consultancy starts by discussing your project scope, business processes and the specific business functions you wish to include in your CRM solution - ie. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Service/Support.

Report Configuration

Effective reporting is a top business benefit and one of many useful outputs of SugarCRM. Understanding your requirements for insights, intelligence, and dashboard reporting helps define the design and configuration of your SugarCRM system.

Process Automation

‘Workflows‘ in SugaCRM, are records which define an automated process. We automate where ever possible resulting in maximum efficiency throughout your business, saving your users time and boosting productivity.

SugarCRM Consultancy


What do we discuss?

Our SugarCRM Consultancy services are different, where other companies focus on selling services and solutions we focus on your pain points, obstacles and goals.

We aim for your organisation to see success in your CRM project and strive to deliver an exceptional tailored fix to any of your current challenges.

We generally discuss the following topics during a typical consultation however we do not shy away from any challenges you require our assistance in resolving.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is the process of automating the most important day-to-day processes that make up your business.

We aim to automate as many of these manual tasks as possible.

Automating these tasks helps delivery measurable ROI on your CRM project.

We configure your SugarCRM to carry out many of these manual tasks in the background allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.

Business Functions

It is vital that the different business functions that make up your organisation are able to collaborate seamlessly and all sing from the same hymn sheet.

Integrating across business functions gives you the best cross-department insight into your customer data while allowing you to deliver an exceptional more personalised experience to your customers.

During your SugarCRM Consultancy we leverage our years of experience in promoting collaboration across teams.

Effective Reporting

Effective reporting is a key component to any CRM solution. Being able to report on and analyse your data is vital in understanding what is working and what is not - at scale.

SugarCRM makes reporting a breeze, with easy to configure dashboard layout views and an infinite number of ways to pick apart, filter and view your data in a user friendly intuitive way.

Data Migration & Security

Data migration & Security is another key element we discuss with you during your SugarCRM Consultancy.

We are no stranger to stringent security practices and high level hosting services. We go above and beyond for our SugarCRM customers to ensure your data is protected to the highest degree, and that your system is as secure as possible.

Every customer of ours has a different set of Security practices around the data stored in their CRM - we adhere to all.

Other Services


Design - Build - Train - Support


CRM & Marketing Automation Consultancy


SugarCRM Configuration

Custom Development

Code-level Customisation


Expert SugarCRM Training

UK Support

Unrivalled UK SugarCRM Support

CRM Healthcheck

CRM Audit & Evaluation Healthcheck

Hosting Services

Scalable, highly secure hosting services

Customer Comments


We recently installed SugarCRM for our US, UK and European sales divisions.The configuration sessions, user training and subsequent technical support has been exceptional. In a short period time, the data generated by this system is changing the way we focus our resources and marketing activities.

Christopher Fielding


What a great experience, Sugabyte turned what looked like a CRM implementation nightmare into a dream! I've worked with most of the top CRM systems, but never had this level of confidence that the solution does exactly what I want - and my sales team love it! Thanks James!

Sally Murdoch

Head of Marketing

We happily trust Sugabyte when it comes to development, implementation and the support of our CRM system. Sugabyte actively consult with us to improve our ideas, making sure they are supported by the logic in the system as well as foreseeing any conflicts or issues. The provided customisations are logical, stable and brilliant!


CRM Manager

This is absolutely excellent! My compliments to Sugabyte as this development is exactly what I had been after – it is a big relief that it is actually possible to implement this on Sugar. You can probably tell I’m happy about this – literally, your team are genius.

Thorl Dicker

CRM Administrator

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