Mission-critical IT solutions usually require the best in support from specialists who have had many years’ experience solving Sugar related issues. We offer unlimited technical support and end user support regardless of the number of users or flavour of SugarCRM. Our bespoke SugarCRM UK support means that we can always find a package that’s suited to your requirements and budget.

Why is SugarCRM UK Support from Sugabyte different?

Technical support from SugarCRM is free, but it is just technical support. If you are looking for a partner to be fundamentally an extension of your own team, who understands your challenges, pain point and goals -we are for you.

In addition to the technical support from SugarCRM, our support is more consultation based. If you have a particular problem or something you would like to achieve, we can set up a screen share and show you how to build it within Sugar.

What’s typically included in our SugarCRM UK support program?

Configuration Changes to SugarCRM
Everything from new fields and layouts, to custom reports and workflows.
Telephone Consultation Support
Do you have a small question? Or would like to discuss a larger plan? We’re here to help and discuss the design and plan and talk about how we have overcome similar challenges with other customers.
Scheduled Screen Shares
Either to offer training via WebEx, configuration changes, troubleshooting issues or assistance in building reports.
Administrative Tasks
Sugabyte can handle general administrative tasks (for example, if the CRM administrator is on annual leave, or sick.). Or perhaps data loading and cleaning.
WebEx style training sessions with end-users or administrators.
Technical Support
We can help diagnose technical issues related to SugarCRM.

How do I access standard SugarCRM Support?

If you require technical help (for example, your system is down, or impaired) you may request a ticket at https://support.sugarcrm.com.

If you would like to learn more about one of our bespoke support packages, please use the form on the right (for mobile users, scroll down).

Louise heads up Sugabyte's professional services with 6 years experience in building customer systems.