Is This You? Series: “It takes days for our sales people to get back to a lead…”

Imagine you want to buy a new phone, you have an idea of what you want but you’d like to speak to someone about it so you head down to the phone shop. You walk up to a salesperson and let them know you’re interested in this phone and they say “thank you for getting in touch, your business is important to us. We’ll be in touch in the next 24-48 hours.” You walk out confused and immediately go somewhere else. The phone shop then call you two days later to talk about the phone you’ve now already bought. That doesn’t happen right? So why does your company do it?

If your lead response time is slow, it might be killing your business. In today’s society of fast consumerism, especially in the B2C world because of buy-it-now websites and same day delivery, there is a sense of urgency when we buy anything. Over time, the quality of lead degrades which is why it is important to “strike while the iron is hot.” So if you feel like your response time is slow, it’s time to find out why and what you can do to change it.

“It takes days for one of our sales people to get back to a lead, there’s no automation and assigning the lead to the correct specialist is very manual. By the time they make contact, they have often already bought from one of our competitors.”

A recent prospect for SugarCRM

A likely scenario is that a company has a web form and when it’s filled out by a potential customer, the email submission goes into a group mailbox. These leads are then cherry picked based on a small amount of data included in the email and sent to someone in the sales team, unsure of whether it’s the right person. These leads are often not picked up for days and with no audit trail of the exact flow and engagement timings, no one can keep track.

With SugarCRM, the journey of the lead is fully tracked and intelligently assigned to the right sales representative so not a minute is lost. Take a look at an example process definition below for automating lead assignment:

The earlier a lead is contacted the higher your chances of winning business. If you are the first out of your competitors to get in touch, you’re already further down the buying process!

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