Is This You? Series: “We look incompetent when speaking with a long-term customer…”

Do you remember the last time you dealt with a company and the experience was on such a high level that you went out of your way to do business with them? You were happy. You thought to yourself “this is how you should do business”. What a delight.

And when you look inwards at your own business and what the customer experience looks like when a customer dials in and speaks with various departments, you know that you’re not delighting your customers in the same way.

We look incompetent when speaking with a long-term customer on the phone. We look like a really disjointed organisation. It’s embarrassing.

A real-life comment from one of our prospects in the healthcare supplier industry

This happens when your Sales, Marketing & Service teams use disparate systems for customer data.

What do you do if an employee is absent or on holiday? Or in a meeting!?

You’ll find deals are falling through the cracks and your customers’ experience drops below their expectations if your customer data (CRM) is not centralised and accessible to all customer-facing employees. Often, business can be lost and opportunities impaired because your team doesn’t know or can’t see the full picture. 

Each customer and prospect will have a history with your business and it’s important that your company understands their journey and has a clear picture of all interactions in order to enhance their experience with you. 

Would you like to solve these problems?

SugarCRM offers complete transparency between departments through detailed communication panels found on all records, including emails, calls, notes, and other-sales relevant information so your team has a 360 view of your business processes and customer journeys. It interfaces with pretty much every system out there, so CRM users don’t have to hunt through multiple applications to get the information they need.

Not only this, but with the use of Tags, Teams and Role Permissions, you can increase efficiency by only viewing the content you need to see without data overload. Our solution’s low-touch management approach means it’s even easier for your team to keep the system up to date so that if an employee leaves or is absent, their knowledge stays in the company, and not with them!

If you have this problem, we would like to help solve it.

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