Sugar Integrate – SugarCRM’s New Integration Platform (Video Overview)

Launch Integrations Quicker

Sugar Integrate gives you the ability to develop integrations quickly and cost-effectively with pre-built adapters to over 200 business systems, advanced builder tools, and reusable integration components. Every integration becomes a reusable artifact to speed the development of future integrations.

Think Forward

Business and technology are constantly evolving, sometimes requiring companies to replace key business systems in order to address new requirements or take advantage of the latest technologies. The Sugar Integrate solution normalizes the thousands of unique endpoints and data models to future-proof your Sugar investment, allowing you to switch business applications without having to re-integrate them with Sugar.

Take the pain out of maintaining integrations. With Sugar Integrate, your integrations are insulated from changes to Sugar’s and other systems’ APIs and data schemas.

Easier Migration to SugarCRM

Looking to migrate from another vendor’s CX product to Sugar? Sugar Integrate can make getting your old data into Sugar easy and painless with these amazing features:

  • Adapters – An Adapter is a pre-built API connection resource to a cloud or on-premise application that normalizes and enhances the native endpoint. Adapters provide a standardized access and data specification including normalized APIs, authentication, model schemas, paging, bulk API’s, and event management.
  • Adapter Builder – Users can quickly customize existing Adapters or build new ones using Adapter Builder, which enables users to easily adapt the specifications of the native API endpoint to their needs.
  • Common Resources – Provides a normalized view of data objects (such as “accounts” or “orders”), data mappings and transformations. This single normalized data model effectively eliminates the need for pointto-point mapping of data, saving you the effort and insulating integrations from changes to the endpoint API or data schema.
  • Pre-Built Templates – Sugar Integrate includes pre-built templates that support key business processes, allowing customers to leverage best practices and be up and running in a shorter time period.
  • Procedures – Build reusable and powerful event-based workflows. Users can set automated or manual triggers, orchestrate multiple API calls and data transformations that incorporate business logic, and create reusable resources (templates) and API-accessible Adapter-as-a-Resource within Adapters.
  • Data Loader – Sugar Integrate provides a migration tool that enables organizations to migrate easily from other CX products to Sugar, providing bulk data transfer capabilities, even for systems that do not natively support bulk transfer.

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