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Customer Journey Plugin

The Customer Journey Plug-in by Addoptify™ extends Sugar® so that you can align your sales activities with the customer's decision stage, helping you deliver a personalized customer experience. With the plug-in, Sugar users can see and follow the customer journey for each Sugar lead, contact, and account as they progress to opportunities and cases.

Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For organisations using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation this Add-on allows Users to access Key LinkedIn Lead Information and Lead Generation features directly within SugarCRM.

Sugar Market

Multi-channel Marketing Made Simple

Sugar Market allows you to connect and engage with your customers - wherever they happen to be. With inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, and even adword management tools, Sugar Market has you covered for all of your marketing automation needs in one simple to use cloud solution.

Sugar Connect

Gain complete visibility into the health of your accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities directly within G Suite or Office 365. You’ll see relevant Sugar information from a sidebar when reading or composing an email.

Sales Automation For Subscription/Renewal Businesses

Sugar Market is pre-integrated to the leading sales automation solutions, including Sugar Sell. That means you can track your prospect and customer behaviors across the entire customer lifecycle, leading to more timely handoffs to sales and the ability to discover repeat business opportunities to drive even greater revenue per customer.

Sugar Discover

Sugar Discover comes with key metrics and commonly used KPIs out-of-the-box to eliminate the need to build your own analytical database, learn a complicated tool, or hire a data scientist.

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