Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve – Collaborating for Better Customer Experience

Perfect customer experience can be ruined by a lack of collaboration between the different departments that make up an organisation.

To provide a high level of customer experience across departments, each department should be empowered with the necessary data and tools specific to making their job easier and more efficient. By providing teams with cross-department data and tools specific to their function, organisations create a better experience throughout the Customer Journey and achieve better ROI on software investment overall.

Strengthening Sales & Support

Due to to the time and attention reps spend building relationships with customers and the many emails, phone calls and visits required to close sales. Reps generally have a better understanding of customers requirements and the specific details of products or services they use in comparison to support/service staff.

During support enquiries, customers expect the same personalised experience and high level of service they receive during the sales process.

Once a rep has built a strong relationship with a customer, the customer can often feel betrayed if support/aftercare are unable to provide the same level of experience.

A positive support experience builds trust and strengthens the relationship with the customer whereas bad support can leave customers feeling like they only receive a good experience during the sales process.

To avoid this issue, it is vital to ensure support staff have the necessary data and software they require to deliver on sales reps promises. This means being able to organise, prioritise and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Resulting in long-lasting customer relationships while ensuring reps are undisrupted and focused on selling.

Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve

In a bid to provide specific functionality to empower support staff and strengthen the communication between sales and support teams, Sugar introduced Sugar Serve as part of ‘The New Sugar’ (as a separate licensing option in 2019.) With Sugar Sell (Sugar’s cloud-based CRM) and Sugar Market (Sugar’s All-in-one Marketing Automation Solution) completing the trio.

Click here to learn more about ‘The New Sugar’.

Sugar Sell licenses harness advanced opportunity management features such as ()  With Sugar Serve licenses, this functionality is replaced with advanced Service Management functionality such as the Self Service Portal and Intelligent Case Rerouting.

Sugar Sell – The award-winning sales automation solution renowned for its intuitive user interface, extensibility, and customer satisfaction.

Sugar Sell Key Features

  • Optimised for Sales professionals
  • Advanced Reporting and Customisable Dashboards
  • SugarBPM Advanced Workflows
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • 360-degree Customer View
  • Easy Access to Product Catalogues
  • Intuitive UI

Sugar Serve – Sugar’s new customer engagement centre solution designed to streamline case management and issue resolution.

Sugar Serve Key Features

  • Optimised for Support/Customer Service professionals
  • Advanced Reporting and Customisable Dashboards
  • Time-aware Case Tracking
  • Case Prioritisation
  • 360-degree Customer View
  • Intelligent Case Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intuitive UI

Both licensing options are built on Sugar’s core CRM user interface, function the same in many ways and integrate seamlessly as a result. Leveraging Sell and Serve licenses results in a constant flow of Data and Insights between Sales and Support teams. Resulting in a complete customer view and stronger customer relationships overall.

As a vendor, Sugar pays close attention to customers requirements with a strong focus on innovation across the platform. Sugar regularly release innovative features independent to Market, Sell and Serve which increases Sugar’s ability to future proof each solution.

Other CRM’s on the market require heavy configuration to deliver a solution optimised for support cases like Sugar Serve, Sugar provides Serve as an out of the box licensing option with reduced pricing for users who require access to both Sell and Serve license types.

Concluding Thoughts

Leveraging Sugar Sell and sugar Serve licenses across your Sales & Support departments helps organisations create better Customer Experience and deliver better ROI on software investment.

Combining Sell and Serve licenses makes it easier than ever to create a bidirectional stream of data between Sales and Support without disrupting each department’s main focus. Allowing reps to focus on selling while empowering support staff with advanced features optimised for case handling results in a high level of customer experience throughout the customer journey. Ultimately resulting in satisfied customers and long-lasting customer relationships.

Key benefits

  • Bidirectional Data Streaming between Sales & Support
  • Advanced Insights across departments
  • Faster Support Case resolutions
  • Licence types specific to each department
  • Seamless Integration
  • Reduced pricing for combined licenses
  • Continuous Innovation across the platform

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