SugarCRM voted best CRM service for the second year in a row by PCMag readers

Your CRM system is your most valuable asset, customers are the most important thing in a business, without them how does the business become successful, grow and be profitable?

Sugar’s open source architecture allows you to customise and build your CRM to suit your businesses processes and needs by allowing flexibility and creativity to effectively manage your business’s interactions with customers. Your CRM system does this by providing a platform for you to store all of your customer information, this not only allows you to manage and nurture your leads and prospects effectively but also gives you the tools needed to retain your current customers.

This is a tiny snapshot into why PCMag readers voted SugarCRM as the winner for best CRM service for the second year in a row.

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Chloe is Sugabytes Customer Success Manager. Ensuring our existing customers of Sugabyte continue to be successful using SugarCRM.