If You Are Considering Marketing Automation – You Are Thinking Right!

Are you considering Marketing automation?

In recent years the influx of organisations automating their marketing efforts has been huge. Those who are yet to implement an automated marketing strategy are losing the race to other businesses in their industries. With Marketing automation becoming such a popular topic especially across LinkedIn News articles, it can be difficult to distinguish whether Marketing Automation is just another buzz word or indeed a valuable component to your business processes.
Nowadays the focus of successful digital marketing is on providing a more personalised customer experience. This means more personal triggered interactions with your customers while also being able to experience the customer journey at a deeper level.
A more personalised experience results in more satisfied customers and a better understanding of who your customers are and how they interact with your website, landing pages and marketing campaigns.

Visitor/Web Tracking

One way Marketing Automation software like Sugar Market achieves this is by offering marketers the ability to track customer interactions.

If a customer buys a product on your website. And returns to your website the next day to browse more products – Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were notified with exactly what web pages they were browsing and could automatically send a personalised string of emails based on their interactions?
It sounds almost too good to be true from a marketing perspective – however, Marketing Automation software like Sugar Market allows you to do just that! – Respond to your customers’ behaviour personally and at scale.
Visitor/Web Tracking is a key feature of marketing automation, one major factor in why organisations are seeing great ROI on their marketing automation efforts.
*Screenshot example of – Active Campaign Marketing Automation*
  • Track your customers footsteps while they browse your website or campaigns
  • Respond in real time to customer ‘clicks’ and other behaviours
  • Automatically tag customers based on their interests
  • Enter customers into high-level automations based on their interactions with your website/campaigns
  • Understand customer intent before your customers are aware themselves
  • Do away with irritating campaigns irrelevant to your customers interests
  • Better understand your customers journey

Drip-feed content

Gaining valuable insights into how your customers interact with your website/marketing campaigns leads us on to the next valuable feature of Marketing Automation – the ability to drip feed personalised content to your customers based on their interactions and interests.

For example, a customer that visits or click on links/content regarding ‘Bananas’ can be entered into an automation accordingly. This automation can be configured to tag the customer with ‘Interested in Bananas’ and drip feed marketing campaigns related to ‘Bananas’ with specific content and calls to action regarding ‘Bananas.’

This type of personalised communication provides a far better experience for your customers while in-turn increasing customer acquisition and lead conversion rates.
*Screenshot example of – Active Campaign Marketing Automation*

Empower Staff

Marketing Automation promotes stronger cross-department collaboration. Sugar Market users leverage Sugar Sell’s CRM Sync dashboard. A dashboard design to synchronise customer data between Marketing and Sales. This level of collaboration makes for far better insights into your customers and empowers your staff with better information on which leads and customers to focus more attention on and when.

An example of how this can be effective is Sugar Markets capability to ‘listen’ to information being entered into your Sales CRM. For example, Sugar Market can be configured to automatically enter a contact into an automated campaign if an opportunity has been recorded as ‘Closed’ Won’.
This allows marketers to follow up with ‘thank you/welcome’ campaigns instantly. Without the need to spend valuable time checking lists and manually entering contacts into funnels. Further improving the customer experience while delivering better ROI on your marketing efforts.
  • Collaborate across departments
  • Empower Sales/Marketers with valuable customer/lead insights
  • Reduce time-spent on manual tasks
  • Prioritise leads based on likelihood to convert
We hope you have found this post useful – If you are interested in Marketing Automation and have any question around how implementing a Marketing Automation Solution like Sugar Market or Active Campaign will benefit your organisation – please get in touch, we will be more than happy to help you!