SugarCRM Winter’ 20 Release Highlights – Version 9.3 Software Update

SugarCRM’s Winter’ 2020 release highlights

In this post, we walk you through the new features and capabilities in SugarCRM’s Winter 20′ release, namely SugarCRM’s version 9.3 software update.

These new features focus on Sugars three pillars of success – An Intelligent Customer Experience Platform, No-touch information management and Continuous Cloud Innovation.

An Intelligent Customer Experience Platform

A greatly advantageous feature of SugarCRM over other CRM’s is the ability to provide up-to-date accurate customer data in the background without the need for users to constantly update or search for information manually.

No-touch Information Management

Hint, Sugars Intelligent Data Scraping Tool – uses the most reliable external sources to deliver accurate customer information to its users. Users are only required to enter a customer name and email and Sugar will do the rest – sifting through external sources and providing additional valuable information automatically.

Capturing data from all external and internal sources and touch points provides more actionable insights into your customer data and behaviours – resulting in the ability to better predict future outcomes and strategize accordingly.

  • Receive accurate up-to-date customer data
  • Build better relationships with customers
  • Be aware of job title changes and changes in data automatically
  • No more fragmented data
  • Less time searching for customer information
  • Be more prepared with vital customer information during communications

Continuous Cloud Innovation

SugarCRM continue to strengthen their partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), the most trusted, secure and scalable hosting solution available. As a result Sugar are able to introduce new innovation across their cloud platform faster, more secure and more effectively than any other CRM available today.

  • Continuous feature enhancements
  • Continuous new feature releases
  • Highly secure web services ensure your data remains backed up and safe at all times
  • Leverage Sugar’s partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • The most trusted hosting service in the world

Major Product Enhancements

Sugar introduce Bot Click Remediation to Sugar Market

Bots cost organisations thousands/millions in PPC ad spend by imitating human interaction at data touch points. This results in inaccurate data and increased ad spend for organisations in all industries. Bot Click Remediation is the process of filtering and removing the unauthentic data collected by artificial sources.The automatic ‘no-touch’ process of Bot Click Remediation uses advanced techniques to identify inaccurate data and remove it before it reaches your funnel.

Bot Click Remediation assists Sugar Market users massively in doing away with time consuming data cleansing- at scale, ensuring all data entered into the funnel is authentic and accurate at the point of submission.

Key Benefits

  • No-touch information management
  • Rest assured lead sources only capture real human data
  • Staff spend less time authenticating data
  • Authentic and accurate lead information
  • Reduce the ‘noise’ within your data
  • Filter and remove artificial data automatically
  • Calculating time-saved makes measuring marketing automation ROI easier

Sugar Sell CRM Sync Dashboard

Sugar recently introduced a new CRM Sync dashboard to Sugar Sell – Sugar’s cloud based core Sales CRM.

This bi-directional CRM Sync dashboard provides users with a full overview of customer data and interactions between sales and marketing. Integration is available between Sugar Market – SugarCRM and a number of other CRM’s.

There are many benefits of strengthening collaborations between sales and marketing, one being higher customer acquisition rates by better understanding your lead behaviour as they interact with your different business functions – allowing marketers to deliver the best lead information possible to sales colleagues.

Another benefit is the ability to increase customer retention rates by offering a far more personalised experience to your customers at scale based on their behaviours and interactions.

Sugars CRM Sync Dashboard feeds sales information back to marketers in real time. If an opportunity is ‘Closed Won’ in your CRM, Sugar Market can ‘listen’ to this information and automatically enter the customer into a personalised drip campaign specific to the their buying behaviours.

Sugars CRM Sync Dashboard is highly valuable at scale. Giving organisations the ability to listen closer to customers and deliver a far more personalised experience across departments.

Key Benefits

  • In-depth user dashboard
  • Share lead information between teams
  • Bi-directional integration empowers teams
  • Better informed sales people and marketers
  • Align marketing and sales effortlessly
  • Track potential customer errors or issues
  • Complete and current prospect/lead data
  • Gain rich com-positive data o any given customer/lead
  • Available to all – Not exclusive to SugarCRM

Automated Renewals Management with Sugar Serve

Managing renewal contracts can be daunting for sales reps who spend their time juggling between customer acquisition and customer retention. Automated renewals management empowers users with vital information on ‘who to talk to and when’ – based on time and importance.

Automating the renewals process gives users a far better overview of which renewal contracts should be focused on and when – resulting in more successful renewals and less time spent inputting recurring opportunity data for sales reps.

Record Tagging with Sugar Mobile

Sugar have introduced Record Tagging to the Sugar Mobile App. Sugar Mobile users can now search for, create, edit or remove tags from records in Sugar – within their mobile device.

This makes finding, filtering and sorting customer data easier than ever before for users who spend time on the road.

An example of where this new Sugar Mobile feature will benefit users is in the instance of a trade show or event where a large number of prospect data is recorded. The ability to tag these records allows sales reps to segment attendees/prospects quicker and easier while also giving office based users a better and quicker live overview of the data being recorded and filtered.

To Conclude

We hope you are better informed of the newly introduced SugarCRM features in this Version 9.3 release. If you are considering Sugar as your CRM or would like any more information regarding Sugar or this particular release, please get in touch. We will be more than happy to advise you in the right direction!

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