If you have been used to creating Quotes in SugarCRM previous to the upgrade to 7.9 and 7.10 then you might be missing a couple of legacy features.  We’ve had a couple of customers ask:

How to edit Unit Price and Description in the new Quotes module for SugarCRM?

The new Quotes module is part of SugarCRM’s efforts to upgrade the last remaining BWC modules (from Sugar 6) to the new sidecar framework seen elsewhere in most of Sugar 7.

The sidecar framework allows for a smoother user experience and affords development teams a lot of options when it comes to development.  Only the Documents module remains to be upgraded.

September & October saw a lot of customer systems being upgraded to 7.9/7.10 which includes the new sidecar Quotes module.  However, three functions are dearly missed:

  1.  The ability to edit the Unit Price when a product from the Product Catalogue is selected.
  2. The Description field is missing from the Quote layout.
  3. The “Copy Quote” function is missing.

Our development team has created an ‘Enhancement’ customisation which restores these functions as well as fixes a couple of bugs (to do with the currency change).

Here is how it works:

If you would like a copy, please contact us for pricing: [email protected] or +44 1733 609 100

James is the managing director of Sugabyte. He's been implementing SugarCRM for the past 7 years and had gained a wealth of experience having held roles in solution design, system configuration, training and support.