With the release of Sugar Winter ’19 (8.3) SugarCRM has introduced to Advanced Workflow the ability to via a process definition to change the value of a field not only on the target record and records related to that target record but also related records that meet certain criteria and/or records that are related to the related record and meet a certain criteria opening up many doors possible automation.

When accessing the change field action within a process definition in Sugar Winter ’19 (8.3), it can be seen that the layout has changed to reflect this new feature. The module as always will default to the target module of the process definition to and users can as normal select fields to update. The module can be updated to a related module and again users can select a field to update, however, the new element is the filtering section. In the example shown below we have selected to update the “Notes” fields in Calls related to an Account, but only for related Calls that have the Status of “Scheduled”.

Before the release of 8.3 this filtering option was not available and so it could not be set up to only update related records that meet certain criteria.

In addition to filtering on related records, users can now select to update records related to the related record and filter on those as well!

For example, if in a process definition if users wanted to update a field on a Note record, but not a Note record related to the Account but a Note record related to the Accounts related scheduled Calls, but, only if the Note Type is “Internal Note”. This is now possible with this new feature release.

In the example above we have selected to update the Description in a Note field, but only for Note records where the Note Type is “Internal Note” and the Note record is related to a Call that has the Status of “Scheduled” and the Call record is related to the Account record that has triggered this process definition.

The addition of these new features will greatly enhance the end user experience as it will allow a more streamlined approach to updating records via Advanced Workflow.

For more information on how to set up change field functions in a process definition please contact Sugabyte by clicking on the below button.

Chloe is Sugabytes Customer Success Manager. Ensuring our existing customers of Sugabyte continue to be successful using SugarCRM.