A landing page is a single web page designed to deliver the information your visitors are looking for, this could be a product offer or overview for example.

Landing pages are quick, easy and simple to design in Act-On and they are highly effective for web page visitors as they are quick, simple, to the point and easy to read. However, there are several common mistakes regarding landing page design that could be affecting its performance.

  1. Slow Loading Times
    Is your landing page taking longer than expected to load? This could be causing potential visitors to give up meaning the content is not reaching as many people as it could be. The most common cause for landing pages to load slowly is due to the addition of images and graphics. To minimise the loading time; manage image sizes prior to uploading, and if large files such as videos are to be inserted then they can be hosted externally to improve performance.
    Content is critical but if the visitor doesn’t get to see the landing page then content will be irrelevant, therefore management here is key.
  2. Boring Headlines
    The headline on the landing page will make or break the success of the page. If the headline is irrelevant then it will not attract interest to the page. To ensure your landing page is viewed; make the headline specific and focus on the most important aspect of the page. Research your landing page topic and find common words or phrases used to describe the issues, by using these in your headline your landing page is more likely to appear in organic searches and more likely to be viewed as its relevant to the issue.
  3. Ineffective Calls to Action
    Its important to ensure that visitors are interacting with the call to action (CTA) that you have placed on your landing page. To ensure interaction; use strong verbs to attract interest for example instead of ‘Sign up for a trial’ you could say ‘Sign up for a FREE trial’. Also, the CTA needs to be placed in an effective place where it will be easily seen and accessible.
  4. Font Issues
    The type of font that is used can negatively impact page interaction rates, studies have found that by having a larger font with greater spacing allows for easier reading and therefore a higher interaction and then conversion rate.
  5. Offers that are not Great
    Successful landing pages often perform well due to the offers providing extreme usefulness in solving a customer pain point. If you are not getting the desired reaction from your landing page, have a look at what your offering, could it be improved, will it solve customers issues? If the answer no then have a look into ways that the offer could be improved to gain a higher interaction rate.

The purpose of a landing page is to sell/promote a product or service if your landing page is not set up effectively then it is unlikely to produce the desired outcome. Identify weak spots and fix those areas to drive a greater revenue.

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Chloe is Sugabytes Customer Success Manager. Ensuring our existing customers of Sugabyte continue to be successful using SugarCRM.