What Makes Sugar Different? – Key Differentiating Factors

More Than Basic Contact Management

“If all CRM’s provide basic Contact Management functionality, what makes SugarCRM different?

Traditionally CRM solutions were used for managing contact information, communications history and information relating to Sales Orders or Quotes as Contacts and Leads progress through the pipeline.

Basic Contact Management functionality is provided by a range of CRM’s and is mainly to ensure sales reps provide smooth customer handovers and if changes are made within your organisation, staff have the ability to provide the same level of customer service.

Another traditional principle of CRM is to ensure management have a precise overview of Key Performance Indicators.

Forward-thinking organisations that want to leverage features such as Advanced Reporting, Continuous Innovation and Timely Integration require a solution like SugarCRM that far extends traditional CRM functionality.

Time to Understand Your Data

The first factor that separates Sugar from other CRM’s is Time-Aware Data Management.

Traditionally CRM’s are very good at letting you know the status of things as they are happening now. The problem is – CRM’s are not very good at telling you how that data is changing over time. A complete historical understanding of 

data is vital for clarity in what effects your business performance and customer experiences.

How can it benefit your organisation?

Sugars concept of ‘Time-Aware Data Management’ is focused on Advanced Analytics and Reporting functionality that is simply not provided in other CRM’s. Analysing historical trends in data often comes with a hefty price tag for organisations using other CRM’s. Sugar provides this functionality out of the box as standard.

Time-Aware Data Management is not just a standalone feature. The concept is deep rooted in Sugars ethos as a vendor. As a result, Sugar Users constantly receive new feature enhancements to support this initiative. 

One way Sugar delivers this functionality is through Sugar Discover. Sugars advanced analytics tool. Sugar Discover allows organisations to leverage advanced analytics out of the box with pre-built logic that delivers Key Performance Indicators automatically.

Click here for a closer look at Sugar Discover

Continuous Innovation

For modern organisations, business innovation is crucial. The speed of innovation provided by your CRM vendor is a direct correlation to your ability to deliver innovation to your customers.

Organisations need a vendor like Sugar that listens to customers and takes pride in continuing to develop the solution to support future innovation.

How can it benefit your organisation?

Sugar’s strong partnership with Amazon Web Services aids in their ability to quickly implement new features and functionality. Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) world leading infrastructure and data security levels. Sugar have the ability to respond to innovation and implement new initiatives into the platform in real-time.

As a result Sugar release quarterly updates, plugins and enhancements to support organisations current and future business strategies. One great example of Sugars commitment to Continuous Cloud Innovation is Sugar Integrate.

Ease of Integration

Last but definitely not least is Integration. A vital component to your infrastructure is ensuring everything works in unison. This helps ensure your users are able to carry out tasks without navigating between different software while keeping your data up to date and accurate across all systems.

Sugar connects to tools like G-mail and Microsoft Outlook with ease. Making connecting and recording customer communications a breeze. With pre-built plugins like Sugars Outlook Plugin. Allowing you to connect your email in minutes, the power is at your fingertips with how you arm your workforce! 

To further add. Sugar Integrate – Sugars New Integration Platform (IPAAS) allows for deep integration between Sugar and third party tools like no other CRM on the market today!

Sugar Integrate allows Sugar Users to leverage over 200 pre-built connectors, allowing for timely execution of new Integrations. This means Sugar Users don’t rely on lengthy configuration to implement new integrations. With other CRM’s, this relies on building new connectors and bespoke configurations for each and every application. This tends to result in projects being called off, or huge costs if the integration is possible!

Sugar Users can leverage Sugar Integrate to execute vital Integration projects quicker, more cost effective and easier than ever!

With other CRM’s this ease of Integration, allowing you to deliver innovation at speed, is simply not possible! You don’t want to be stuck with a CRM that makes it difficult to introduce other tools into your business. You need a CRM like Sugar that gives you the flexibility to explore ideas and centralise everything without weeks of configuration!

Learn more about Sugar Integrate

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you have a clearer understanding of what makes Sugar stand out from the crowd.

It is a huge myth that all CRM’s offer the same functionality. This could simply not be further from the truth. Organisations using SugarCRM have a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industries. We see this directly with the organisations we support.

Sugar provided Advanced Analytics, Continuous Innovation and Lightning Quick Integration – out of the box, like no other CRM on the market today. That’s 3 important reasons you should take a close look at SugarCRM and there are tonnes more!

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