Optimising the layout of your CRM is crucial to your goal of an easy and intuitive CRM experience for your users.  It helps with user adoption and it improves efficiency bbut having the right information at the right time.  Learn how to modify the sub-panel layout in SugarCRM mobile.

I can’t find a way to change the order.  How is it done?

If you’re not familiar with changing the sub-panel order for the desktop experience of Sugar, you can do this by navigating to Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels.

There are two things wrong with this.

  1.  This only changes the Desktop version, not the Sugar Mobile app.
  2. This is a ‘global’ setting for all subpanels in all modules.  This is not module specific sorting.

If you’re looking for a way to modify the sorting of the sub-panels on the mobile layout for the Android and iPhone apps – then we have to address this with a little bit of code.

Sugabyte can create an installable customisation (installed via the Module Loader tool) which can do two things:

Re-arrange the subpanels on the Mobile App (for each module).  And Re-arrange the subpanel order for the desktop version of Sugar (again for each module).

It’s usually a few hours effort on our side.

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James is the managing director of Sugabyte. He's been implementing SugarCRM for the past 7 years and had gained a wealth of experience having held roles in solution design, system configuration, training and support.