Creating Related Records Through Multi-Layer Relationships

Within process definitions, there is the ability to automate the creation of a related record based on certain criteria. However, with the constant development of Sugar to aid in the ease of use for end users Sugar has released with Winter ’19 (8.3) the updated feature to not only add a record related to the target record but to add a record and relate it to a related record of the target record, this new feature can greatly increase the amount of items automated within many users Sugar instances.

When adding a related record the user creating the process definition will be presented with the below screen:

Related Module
– If the record that is to be created directly relates to the target record then select that module here. For example, if the process definition is triggered from an Account record and upon progressing through this process definition a Call record should be created and directly relate to the Account record then Calls must be selected in the first-level module relationship area.
– If the record that should be created is a “two-away” record (a record that will be related to a record that is directly related to the target record) then the intermediate module should be selected for the “Related Module”, not the target module and not the module of the record that you would like to create.

If the record that should be created is a two-away record then a filter can optionally be applied on the first-level module relationship. For example, if the first-level module is Contacts then a Call record can be created that is related to all Contacts related to the target module and if a filter is entered then a Call record can be created against only Contacts that have the “Do Not Call> is not equal to > yes.
Please Note: If the first-level module relationship is on the one-side of a one-to-one or many-to-one relationship then the filter option will be greyed out.

Related To
Optionally, set the second-level module relationship to Calls if a Call record should be created for Contacts filtered out in the first-level module relationship.

From here all fields that should be auto-populated for the created Call record can be set in the “Fields” section.

For more information on how to create a related record in a process definition please contact Sugabyte by clicking on the below button.


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