What is SEO and why you need it?

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is key for making your website understandable for search engine robots as even though search engines themselves have become more sophisticated, they are unable to understand a web page the same way that a human does.

Users are placing their trust into the reliable search engine to prioritise the results based on the keywords they are using to search.

You’ve probably heard of the term SEO but the question is always: What exactly is SEO and what does it do?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is often described as the “Organic Search”. This is because SEO supports the brand’s natural ability to rank within the search engine without any payment being made. With the growing sophistication of search engines, they can now determine what is valuable to a user based on the search term entered.

Search engine organic listings are always displayed beneath Pay Per Click ads (these listings will display a small ‘Ad’ symbol) and due to the nature of companies competing for business, most companies will always want their website or advert to be listed on the first page of the search engine to drive more business to the website, this is where SEO comes in and allows this to happen.

Now you know what SEO is, why does your business need it?

SEO is important for every business, companies may not be aware of how many opportunities they are missing as their company is potentially not showing in a relevant search of a user. Being at the top of the “Organic Search” could bring not only new business but also help to retain current business, users will recognise that you are still at the top of your game in that certain sector if you are ranking highly in the search. If however the company is not showing at the top of the search results or not even showing at all it could be perceived that the company is no longer in business or that the companies business is out of date compared to others that are ranking highly in this sector, therefore, meaning that you are no longer seen as a competitor in that area.

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