What benefits does CRM provide for my business?

Customer Relationship Management solutions like Sugar is a platform which integrates your sales, marketing and support teams to uncover new opportunities, deliver superior customer experiences and automate your internal processes whilst providing insights like you've never seen before - These are just some of many benefits of CRM.

1 . Improve Your Lead Flow

The first key benefit of CRM is the ability to capture custom intelligence about your customers and what lead them to your marketplace or brand. With this intel at the fingertips of your marketing teams, they will be able to highly target new customers with a laserbeam approach (instead of spray-and-pray).

With lead-scoring capabilities, your sales teams will be focusing on better quality prospects with priority ordering instead of investing valuable time on leads which are not ready.

2. Better Understand Your Customers

With a CRM like Sugar, you will be able to easily customise the kind of intel you want to record about the customer, opportunity, interactions (like calls, meetings & email) and any other operational information. These are some of the core benefits of CRM.

We’re experts in working with businesses to eradicate spreadsheets and have information presented in an intuitive and insightful way.

3. Valuable Insights Across All Departments

Many CRM solutions tend to focus on management reporting without providing valuable insights for sales, marketing and support teams, Sugar excels in both. Resulting in a CRM that benefits your whole organisation.

With a powerful reporting engine, CRM users of all levels can benefit from understanding meaningful insights so they can do their job as effective as possible.

This all indirectly benefits the customer experience. Your staff are more in-tune with your customer requirements. Your management is more in tune with the reality of the data.

4. Intelligent No-Touch Information Management

This sounds fancy doesn't it?

In laymans terms:
It means that an incredible amount of software investment at SugarCRM has been made in eradicating ‘manual data entry’.

From inteligent email archiving to enriching the data from external sources to logging customer interactions with Voice-to-text; SugarCRM is a leader in freeing up your teams time to focus on the most important activities - time saved on manual tasks is a huge benefit of CRM for many organisations.

5. Automate Everything

Lots of CRM solutions shout from the hilltops about their automation tools. Many barely pass as automation and a feature headline on their website. For true automation, SugarCRMs BPM (Business Process Management) tool was built from the ground-up as Enterprise-Level Automation which could be administered by a chimp. (No offence to chimps).

Automation allows you to build structure and governance into your processes. You'll be surprised how many processes you actually have and how CRM can benefit your organisation in saving valuable time. And even more surprised in the variation of how many co-works do things differently from each other. This is the main barrier to scaling your business.

6. Access Anywhere Technology (AAT)

OK, so we may have just invented an acronym. But, with a cloud-based CRM like SugarCRM, the days of “I can only access my CRM application when i’m back at the office” is a thing of the past.

With state-of-the-art authentication tools, your team will be able to access & update their SugarCRM from anywhere with a web-browser and remain productive no matter where they are - this type of ''access anywhere technology'' is a key benefit of CRM.

Sugar Mobile was designed from the ground-up to be dedicated to the ‘on the road’ environment. Quick and easy access to customer information while leveraging standard smartphone tools such as Email, Navigation, Phone and Text. Sugar Mobile is also available offline, so your team members can update and access key data even in cell black-out zones.

7. Security & Governance

Security, permissions and roles take the front row at SugarCRM. Being in control of your valuable customer data should be priority one. And Sugar gives you all the tools to triumph in this area.

With GDPR, SugarCRM is one of the leaders in giving you the power and control to remain complient with legislation.

8. Single customer view

With multiple systems making up your business (website, back-office, accounting, databases, and spreadsheets) - achieving a central view of your customer together with all interactions your team has had is impractical without a CRM.

A modern CRM is the holy-grail of achieving a single-customer-view and another vital benefit.

9. Better collaboration between departments

We’ve all had experiences with companies whose poor hand-off's between Marketing /Sales -Sales/Customer Service have been the precursor to a bad online review. It’s astonishing how many businesses in 2019 have little collaboration between departments, yet remain in business.

Another great benefit of CRM is having key customer information at the fingertips of every customer-facing employee, with SugarCRM, your team will be able to provide a consistent customer experience worthy of the 2020 name tag.

10. Edge above your competitors

Nucleus Research found that companies investing in CRM increased average returns by 1.5 times between 2011 and 2014, from $5.60 to $8.71 in returns per dollar spent, and that trend continues. In a 2017 survey by CITE Research, sales professionals said CRM was the most used and the most valuable tool in their technology arsenal.

The economy has been advantagous since 2008 and with unfavorable conditions looming, now is the right time to go on the offensive and take advantage of the great benefits effective CRM has to offer.

Your CRM success begins with a friendly phone call...

Unsure of the benefits of CRM?

Customer Comments


We recently installed SugarCRM for our US, UK and European sales divisions.The configuration sessions, user training and subsequent technical support has been exceptional. In a short period time, the data generated by this system is changing the way we focus our resources and marketing activities.

Christopher Fielding


What a great experience, Sugabyte turned what looked like a CRM implementation nightmare into a dream! I've worked with most of the top CRM systems, but never had this level of confidence that the solution does exactly what I want - and my sales team love it! Thanks James!

Sally Murdoch

Head of Marketing

We happily trust Sugabyte when it comes to development, implementation and the support of our CRM system. Sugabyte actively consult with us to improve our ideas, making sure they are supported by the logic in the system as well as foreseeing any conflicts or issues. The provided customisations are logical, stable and brilliant!


CRM Manager

This is absolutely excellent! My compliments to Sugabyte as this development is exactly what I had been after – it is a big relief that it is actually possible to implement this on Sugar. You can probably tell I’m happy about this – literally, your team are genius.

Thorl Dicker

CRM Administrator

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