Today, Sugar users can generate PDF’s using the PDF Manager. A simple tool that lets you use a basic HTML WYSIWYG editor to configure and output directly from Sugar.

This can be driven from any module in Sugar, and can typically embed data from one level deep. For example, a ‘Contact’ based PDF detailing information about the contact, as well as information about the related account (one level). The editor is fairly easy to use (especially if you have HTML code experience with frames etc). But it’s limited. It’s limited by the design capabilities, and by the number of ‘levels’ deep you can include data from.

Say hello to XperiDo

I was first introduced to the guys at XperiDo during one of the annual SugarCon conferences in San Fransisco. After seeing a demo of this tool in action, I knew that it would be a hot Sugar add-on for anyone wanting to generate proposals, quotes, data-rich reports, mail merges and even event tickets with barcoding!

Quite recently, a few of our SugarCRM customers came to us wanting to understand what is available in this space – and all have now deployed XperiDo.

Why XperiDo?

The breadth of functionality this tool offers is impressive. Documents can be dynamic, based on values in Sugar – which in most cases, slashes time from productivity-sapping ‘MS word adjustments’ when generating any kind of proposal.

Does this mean that it’s a complex tool to learn?

There is a lot to the tool. But if you expect deep functionality and you’re willing to put in the effort of streamlining the creation of your documents, it’s worth it when you run the numbers. It does take a while to set up the templates in Word (this just depends on how many documents you want automating from Sugar multiplied by the complexity of the field mappings).
Other than that, the user experience that your SugarCRM users will be enjoying couldn’t be better.

In some cases, just three clicks of the mouse would generate a rich proposal with the document DocuSign’d with a link emailed to your prospect ready to sign in their inbox.

This could literally save hours, every day, per person at your company that generates documents. Think about that.

How much?

The solution can be installed on your own infrastructure, or for those that prefer the ease of SAAS hosted cloud products – this is available too. Pricing is from £6.50/user/month a self-hosted solution, or £7.50/user/month for the cloud version. If you want to enjoy the DocuSign connector, this is £2/user/month.

The team at Sugabyte are now completing our certification with XperiDo, so we are almost ready to start implementing the tool here, as well as transfer our knowledge through training services on the tool.

Want to learn more?

Download XperiDo for Sugar Info Pack:

James is the managing director of Sugabyte. He's been implementing SugarCRM for the past 7 years and had gained a wealth of experience having held roles in solution design, system configuration, training and support.