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All businesses are different. Even if they're in the same industry they will have different processes and variations in the way they do business. SugarCRM’s 'no restriction' model to their product offering means that you won't be forced to work the way the CRM tool works. In fact, it's the opposite with SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Health Check

You're not alone if you think your Sugar can 'do more' than it's currently set up to do.

If you have deployed SugarCRM yourselves without the help of a certified partner, or indeed you have used a partner - it could be that the initial vision of the CRM solution has not been met.

Our Health Check workshops will review your current system setup and identify gaps between the original or new vision. The output from that consultancy session will be a guide of recommendations to help you realise the return on investment in your CRM project.

SugarCRM Training

Each SugarCRM training workshop delivered by Sugabyte is bespoke to the requirements of your audience, as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach.

Not only technical, our training incorporates your internal business processes, processes specific to your CRM and your company ethos. This is really important as no SugarCRM solution is the same and your users will need to be able to apply the functional knowledge to real-world business processes.

The key to successful SugarCRM implementation is effective End User & Administrator training.

SugarCRM UK Support

In addition to technical support from SugarCRM, our support is more consultation based. If you have a particular problem or something you would like to achieve, we can set up a screen share and show you how to build it within Sugar.

If you are looking for a CRM partner to be fundamentally an extension of your own team who understands your challenges, pain points and goals - we are for you.

SugarCRM Custom Development

SugarCRM provides great CRM functionality and a powerful feature set out of the box.

Bespoke requirements - that may reach beyond the core CRM base functionality, require code-level customisations to design and mould Sugar into any shape or form, resulting in a solution perfectly aligned to your specific processes and strategies.

Our in-house SugarCRM developers work closely with sugar and are SugarCRM Developer Certified. This means our customers leverage many years of expert experience working with Sugar on a multitude of different projects.

From effectively integrating Sugar with other third party software to developing the core system functionality and appearance - we specialise in creating the perfect solution to perfectly fit your organisation.

SugarCRM Add-ons

Plug-ins and tools that strengthen the core functionality of your SugarCRM.

SugarCRM's valuable add-on toolset focuses on boosting productivitiy, efiiciency, advanced analytics and email connectivity.

Intelligent data scraping with Sugar Hint pulls information into your CRM from several outside sources. Just enter a name and email and Sugar does the rest, instantly providing sales reps with the most current, up-to-date customer information.

Tools and Add-on's like Hint increase the functionality of Sugar allowing organisations to easily and quickly add powerful feature enhancements to their instance.

Trying to get more out of your Sugar?

Request a friendly chat with one of our consultants, we specialise in simplifying your requirements!

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Customer Comments


We recently installed SugarCRM for our US, UK and European sales divisions.The configuration sessions, user training and subsequent technical support has been exceptional. In a short period time, the data generated by this system is changing the way we focus our resources and marketing activities.

Christopher Fielding


What a great experience, Sugabyte turned what looked like a CRM implementation nightmare into a dream! I've worked with most of the top CRM systems, but never had this level of confidence that the solution does exactly what I want - and my sales team love it! Thanks James!

Sally Murdoch

Head of Marketing

We happily trust Sugabyte when it comes to development, implementation and the support of our CRM system. Sugabyte actively consult with us to improve our ideas, making sure they are supported by the logic in the system as well as foreseeing any conflicts or issues. The provided customisations are logical, stable and brilliant!


CRM Manager

This is absolutely excellent! My compliments to Sugabyte as this development is exactly what I had been after – it is a big relief that it is actually possible to implement this on Sugar. You can probably tell I’m happy about this – literally, your team are genius.

Thorl Dicker

CRM Administrator