September 27, 2016 Chloe McAllister

Why do Businesses need Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation assists businesses with streamlining their marketing efforts via a single software platform with the goal of merging a lot of the disparate marketing tools that the modern marketer uses today. This is designed for marketing departments and organisations that market on multiple channels such as email, social media, websites and as a way to test, measure and optimise marketing ROI.

If your business has lots of contacts it becomes impossible to personalise messages and campaigns for our individuals. Marketing Automation makes this personalisation possible and efficient by tracking each of the contacts interactions and activities and uses this data to form logic for the outbound material that will appeal to their interests. This will increase the number of prospects being passed to sales without increasing your workload and will enable you to see which campaigns were effective, which were not and which can be improved upon.

One of the challenges that many businesses face is connecting with potential customers and turning them into real customers. Marketing automation has a solution for this. A lot of intelligence can be captured on the prospect by their activity on your website, how they have interacted with your emails among others such as webinar and physical attendance at events. This intelligence will form the logic of personalisation and what content should be relevant to send. Without this, many leads will feel like they are being blanket bombed with communication from you, and might then opt-out of future communication.

Due to there now being so many platforms and channels a consumer can come from it becomes a harder process to keep a track of them all. But for businesses with a marketing automation system in place, the ability to interact with consumers from all platforms, with the intelligence being stored in the one place, the ability to schedule campaigns ahead of time: reduces the workload of making sure leads are nurtured and in the right way.

The above practices are seldom possible without smart software. In order to keep on top of everything and with ever increasing number of channels marketers are required to manage – the best solution is a marketing automation software.

Personalisation has been improving customer experiences for years. Even Google uses this to improve the search results. It makes our digital world more relevant in this world of noise.

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