June 29, 2017 Chloe McAllister

Balance your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a key function in any business. By combining a healthy balance of Inbound and Outbound Marketing efforts, businesses are able to maintain a healthy equilibrium of push and pull tactics that focus entirely on what your customer needs.

Inbound Marketing is all about attracting and enticing customers to your business whereas the more traditional method of marketing, Outbound Marketing, is all about proactively driving information to existing/prospective customers. But why use both? Let’s have a closer look at the key benefits of Inbound and Outbound Marketing and how they can accelerate your marketing outcome when used together.

Inbound Marketing’s focus is on creating quality content that brings attention to your business brand, essentially you are allowing customers to find you when they are organically searching for answers online. The goal is to have content that already answers all the relevant questions, this will help the right people find your website. By aligning the content that you publish with your customer’s interests you will naturally attract inbound traffic.

Outbound Marketing is all about initiating a conversation with customers and prospects, this can be done by delivering relevant messages. For example, you can set up trigger emails, these are emails that are set to go out as a response to certain behaviours, e.g. a customer downloads an eBook and a thank you email with contact details and an invite to a relevant webinar is automatically sent out, thereby starting a conversation with that customer/prospect.

Outbound Marketing is the most conventional form of marketing and the most commonly practised. It allows businesses to build a relationship with the customer by keeping them engaged and by keeping your businesses brand at the forefront of their mind. However, without the use of Inbound Marketing, anyone searching for a product or service that you provide may not be able to find your business. This, in turn, could cause the business to lose potential new business.

Due to the above, it is always best practice to implement a balanced strategy of Inbound and Outbound Marketing tactics. This will help the business to build the brand, drive demand and then go on to maintain, improve and expand existing customer relationships.

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