Implementing a new CRM system is a far cry from just installing a piece of software. For most organisations, it marks a new beginning of sales automation, customer service excellence, real marketing power and a central hub for all customer data.  Getting core elements right the first time is the key to a successful implementation.

Without specialists in Sugar who have hundreds of projects under their belt, key elements are often over-looked, under-funded or ill-advised.

Our expect consultants have been involved in every stage of over 200+ previous SugarCRM implementations, including planning, strategy, execution, configuration, integration, customisation, training and support.


What happens during a Requirements Workshop with Sugabyte?

By the end of the planned workshops, we hope to come away with a full technical specification of your SugarCRM system is to be built.  Here are some of the key elements we aim to cover with most implementations:


Detailed analysis of current sales, marketing, and support operations. Consult on ‘new ways of working’ with Sugar

Stakeholder Discussions

Discussions with key users about current business pain points and wish list for Sugar

Technical Detail

Consultation of custom fields and their default settings, visibility dependency, drop-down values etc

Define Modules

Define all Sugar module configurations including fields, workflows, and views for desktop and mobile.

Customer Lifecycle

Define the target-lead-customer life cycle processes to be configured in Sugar and/or Act-On

Define Users

Define users, permissions, and roles to be configured in Sugar


Discuss the data migration from existing CRM / Excel.

Quote Layouts

Define any quote PDF layouts that need to be programmed for quotes or others

Define Opportunities

Define the Opportunity module configuration to support the sales processes

Define Reports

Discuss any custom key reports which are required to be built that could influence the design of the system


Define key dashboards for all system users


Define any custom workflows, automation, approvals and flows of data

Project Planning

Define project phases, key milestones, and implementation timeline


Discuss integration options for connecting CRM to finance, ERP and the website

Training Strategy

Discuss the training strategy for general system users and administration team


Discuss support strategy and options for post go-live launch


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