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5 Ways to manage the customer journey for b2b success

Five Steps to Manage the Customer Journey for B2B Success

Your customers are on a journey with you. Creating an exceptional experience at every step means more to the success of your business than anything else you do. But how do you operationalize the real, practical changes you need to make to delight your customers every time you interact with them?

This eBook outlines the 5 steps you need to manage the customer journey.


Marketing Automation Ebook - 5 ways Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

CEO Perspective: 5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

CEO Perspective: Five ways Marketing Automation can optmise & grow your business

The buyer is now in charge of his or her own sales journey. With this evolution of the purchase process, the roles of sales and marketing need to reflect new realities; in order to meet your corporate objectives, this shift needs to be addressed.

Marketing automation has become a must-have solution to address this change, providing your team with the tools to revolutionize your marketing and sales organization for greater efficiency and return on investment.


Ebook - Marketing Automation - A Quick Start Guide

A Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide

A Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide

Our quick start guide will give you a 6-step strategy to prepare your organization for adopting marketing automation and help you accelerate your return on investment.





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Act-On and Marketing Automation Related Ebook & Whitepapers

The Power of CRM for the Individual

The Power of CRM for the Individual

The Power of CRM for the Individual

Customer relationship management software has been used by organizations of all types and sizes for more than 20 years. However, few have managed to tap into the true potential of CRM by empowering the individual.

When organizations deploy a CRM system that is designed with individuals in mind, both internal users and external customers win. Employees become more productive when they gain access to more insightful business data. In addition, this more personalized approach to CRM can lead to increased customer satisfaction because customers feel like they are being treated as valued individuals with unique requirements. And when the CRM system is priced so that every customer-facing employee can now have access, these benefits are significantly magnified.


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Got CRM? Why you Need Marketing Automation Too.

Ebook: Got CRM? Why you need Marketing Automation Too

Got CRM? Why you need Marketing Automation Too

CRM systems transform sales through organization; marketing automation completes the picture by generating leads and managing lead engagement. “World-class sales and marketing organisations need both to succeed and scale.” – Matt Heinz. Learn how the systems complement each other, and why you need both.

When you create a campaign in your marketing automation system, it should map back to your CRM so that you can tie closed deals back to the campaigns that created them. This closed-loop reporting capability allows you to attribute revenue to campaigns and more accurately measure your ROI, giving you the information you need to make data-driven marketing decisions.



Conducting a successful social media audit

Conducting a Successfull Social Media Audit

Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit

Social media has become a vital business communication tactic in the B2B marketer’s toolset. But because trends in social media marketing are always changing, the tactics that worked six months ago may no longer yield positive results. Enter – the social media audit – the perfect tool to help your company see what’s working and what’s not with your social media strategy.

In this informative eBook, you will learn how to implement best practices to effectively generate leads and drive revenue for your company through social media. We’ll take a look at the four primary social channels crucial to successful B2B marketing.



5 Common Digital Marketing MistakesFive Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

There are a lot of digital marketing mistakes that many businesses are still making.

It could be that people got into some bad habits over the years and have failed to leave those habits behind. Or it could be that someone came into marketing from another field and missed out on a few of the ground- floor basics.

This eBook will explore the following 5 common mistakes, and give you tips on how to fix them.



Likes Are Great. Leads Are Better

Social media allows you to connect with prospects, establish a relationship with them and convert them into paying customers.

Simple, right? Not so fast.

This eBook will explore the how to convert your followers on social media into Leads.


The Business Case for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps businesses grow.

With capabilities that span the range of inbound and outbound techniques, CRM integration, and robust measurement, Marketing Automation offers tremendous value to businesses of all sizes.

Download our eBook to find out how Marketing Automation can grow your business.



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