September 26, 2016 Chloe McAllister

5 Reasons your business needs a CRM

Having a well-organised business will never be a detriment to success, unlike, using a vast amount of systems and having information in various places this will lead to many inefficiencies.

Ease the pressure of data entry

CRM systems allow you to have a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects and allow you to have quick, easy and accurate access to your customer information and notes enabling you to see the bigger picture.

If you want the ability to look back on a customer and see all communication from fellow employees and compare notes then CRM is the way forward… CRM allows all this information to be stored and easily accessed making it easy to look back over the customer life cycle and see how things have progressed, you might be confused about why a customer is upset, don’t be, look back on the progression of the client and read all notes and correspondence, learn from their history and this will enable employees to approach customers in an appropriate manner. Integrations to other systems avoids double-entry in most cases and enhances the intelligence available to all CRM users.

Grow your business and retain more customers

CRM reveals possibilities. You can use CRM to prospect in a collection of manual and automated channels that can then result in a lead and opportunity You can use CRM improve the efficiency of your sales team by using live data reporting on the sales team’s progress and creating some healthy competition. Representatives armed with intelligence and history will enhance your customer experience by avoiding situations where long-term customers feel like ‘first-time callers’ on the telephone.


Businesses often need tasks to be performed at certain times, or after certain events. This can be a lot of manual work for your team and there is a finite number of hours in the working day!. Make this more effective and efficient by developing workflows to automate the majority of mundane tasks e.g sending a welcome email once a lead has been converted, or automatically creating a planned phone call in the diary of a salesperson who has specific knowledge of a certain product (based on what the prospect is interested in).

CRM Mobile

CRM mobile is essential for employees who work in the field or are out travelling a lo This allows access to data at anytime and anywhere allowing employees to be fully prepared and able to keep their records up to date not only for their own use but for everyone else too. Offline access is extremely important for those who are frequently in areas of cellular darkness.


With a CRM system, you don’t have to worry about setting aside significant amounts of time to produce reports. Whether you want to keep a track of the amount of sales an employee has made this quarter or track the amount of opportunities there are, if you want to calculate the expected value of the sales in your pipeline… you can easily do all of this without putting in the manual hours. With CRM you can create the reports you need and display them as live and relevant data. These reports can also be deployed on dashboards allowing you to easily keep a track of everything in one space.

I had to scale this post down to 5 items, from about forty. If you wish to learn more, please check out some of the free eBooks that you can download here

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